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Our Story

Cork & Flame can trace its history back to 2004 when Roger Strohl opened The Vineyard Wine Market.  After a successful 13 years, The Vineyard has joined forces with Chef Justin Hayes and partners to form a unique combination of fine dining, tapas and wine market, offering customers a single culinary experience.

Justin Hayes

Partner/Executive Chef of C&F

Passion is not taught; it comes from within. Chef Justin Hayes has harnessed this gift and applies that attitude to every aspect of his culinary career. With no allegiance to a particular style of cooking, his attention is captivated as long as the ingredients of each dish are sourced properly and cooked with purpose, balance, finesse, and respect.

Justin has honed his culinary skill and passion while garnering a reputation for combining acutely seasonal items with elegantly innovative techniques. After studying with American Academy Award Chef Heinz Sowinski, he apprenticed with Master Chef Marcel Biro. At the age of twenty-four, Chef Marcel Biro became one of the youngest chefs in European history to attain the title of Master Chef and had already served as private chef to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Chef Justin later left to further pursue his education under Chef Biro’s mentor in Germany, Master Chef Robert Rauh. He has returned to Augusta now to join Cork & Flame as partner and Executive Chef while serving as a member of the JCI management team and the Executive Chef of Katerwerks Events & Hospitality.

As a Chef, Justin remains dedicated to his trade and continues to nurture and please guests with his innovative creations. With all talents put in motion Chef Justin and his team were voted 2016 and 2017 Best Caterer in Columbia County Magazine.

Roger Strohl

Partner/Director of C&F Wine Market

In 1986, Roger became a Pharmaceutical Representative for the Pharmacia & Upjohn Company. He took a promotion as a Federal Government Manager for South Carolina and Georgia and relocated to the Augusta area in 1999 where he finished number one in the nation in his division and won the highest award the company had to offer several times.

During his time as a representative, he had to be creative with ways to attract physicians to attend events. Strohl combined physician meetings with wine tastings and his interest in wine took root. When Pfizer purchased Pharmacia, Roger decided to go a different direction. After a short stint with another pharmaceutical company and after the recommendation of his physician to get off the road, Roger started the Vineyard at Evans, Inc.

During his travels around the nation, Roger would stop in and speak with owners of wine stores and brought back the best of each of these stores to produce the finest wine store in the CSRA, and one of the best in Georgia and the country. As the Vineyard Wine Market has grown, Roger regularly writes wine articles and presents wine seminars in the CSRA area and has served as the Director of the American Wine Society in the Augusta area.

Wine Market Hours


10AM -07PM


10 AM – 08 PM

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706.922.WINE (9463)



4414 Evans to Locks Rd.
Evans, GA 30809